Secondary Math

Secondary Math

At BTELC, we offer Secondary Math Tuition which will cover the latest MOE syllabus and bring about engaged learning in Mathematics.

At BTELC, we focus on the development of critical thinking and reasoning skills, while building the Mathematical core concepts for our Secondary students.

Build fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking and core mathematical concepts

Our Secondary Math Tuition involves in-house specially designed materials to help our students building a strong foundation in fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking and core mathematical concepts. Our curriculum will prepare the students for improving their academic performance and stretching their critical thinking in real-life applications.

We believe in providing thought-stimulating materials to sustain their interest in Mathematics and allow our students gain a headstart in the mastery of Mathematical concepts. Apart from delivering impeccable secondary math tuition, we also offer secondary English Tuition that helps our students in global recognition.

It is suitable for any student who wants to achieve a certain level of mastery in Mathematics and wants a meaningful curriculum. It also enables students to acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills and develop good cognitive and metacognitive skills.

Sec 1 - Sec 4 (Exp/Acad) Math

Sec 1 - Sec 4 E-Math

Sec 1 - 4 ACSB Math

A - Math

IP math

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