P6 Science (GEP/ Adv)


For tuition programme booking, please call us at 9616 0312.

As enrollment has ended, please call the centre directly for mid-term booking.

You may refer to the current class schedule below.

Friday2:30pm - 4:30pmBalmoralTeacher Jolene
Friday4:30pm - 6:30pmBalmoralTeacher Jolene

Upper Block

Topics include
~ Forces
~ Energy
~ Conversion of Energy
~ Adaptations
~ Man’s Impact and his environment

Syllabus will be completed before the Mid Year Examinations.

There will be revision of P3 to P5 Science Topics in addition to the teaching of New P6 Science Topics.

From June onwards, BlueTree will prepare your child for intensive revision for the upcoming Prelims & PSLE.

To book a class, please call 9616 0312.