P6 Math


For tuition programme booking, please call us at 9616 0312.

As enrollment has ended, please call the centre directly for mid-term booking.

You may refer to the current class schedule below.

Saturday2:30pm - 4:30pmKing's ArcadeTeacher Nancy
Saturday9am - 11amKing's ArcadeTeacher Nancy
Friday4:30pm - 6:30pmKing's ArcadeTeacher Nancy
Monday4:30pm - 6:30pmKing's ArcadeTeacher Nancy
Friday7pm - 9pmBedokTeacher Shirlyn
Tuesday4:30pm - 6:30pmBedokTeacher Ko
Monday5pm - 7pmBedokTeacher Ko
Saturday11am - 1pmKovanTeacher Joachim
Friday2.45pm - 4.45pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Friday2.45pm - 4.45pmKovanTeacher Faith
Thursday5pm - 7pmKovanTeacher Joachim
Tuesday5pm - 7pmKovanTeacher Faith
Sunday2.15 - 4.15pmBalmoralTeacher Haresh
Saturday8.45am - 10.45amBalmoralTeacher Faith
Thursday2:30pm - 4:30pmBalmoralTeacher Faith
Wednesday4.30pm - 6.30pmBalmoralTeacher Faith
Sunday2.15 - 4.15pmBalmoralTeacher Fabian
Thursday2:30pm - 4:30pmBalmoralTeacher Faith

P6 Math New Topics are as follows
~ Circles
~ Nets
~ Speed
~ Pie Chart

Weekly lesson comprises of revision of P1 to P5 Maths Topics as well as teaching of New P6 Topics & Problem Sums Heuristics.

Syllabus will be completed before the Mid Year Examinations.

From June onwards, BlueTree will prepare your child for intensive revision for the upcoming Prelims & PSLE.

To book a class, please call 9616 0312.