P5 Science


For tuition programme booking, please call us at 9616 0312.

As enrollment has ended, please call the centre directly for mid-term booking.

You may refer to the current class schedule below.

Saturday2:30pm - 4:30pmKing's ArcadeTeacher Haresh
Thursday3pm - 5pmBedokTeacher Ko
Friday3pm - 5pmBedokTeacher Ko
Saturday9am - 11amBedokTeacher Joycelyn
Saturday11am - 1pmBedokTeacher Joycelyn
Tuesday4:30pm - 6:30pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Wednesday4.45pm - 6.45pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Thursday5pm - 7pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Friday4:30pm - 6:30pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Sunday9am - 11amKovanTeacher Fabian
Tuesday5pm - 7pmBalmoralTeacher Jolene
Saturday11.30am - 1.30pmKovanTeacher Donovan
Wednesday2:30pm - 4:30pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin
Thursday5pm - 7pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin
Saturday1.30pm - 3.30-pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin

P5 Science topics include the following

Theme: System
~ Cell system
~ Plant system (Respiratory and Circulatory System)
~ Human System (Respiratory and Circulatory System)
~ Electrical System

Theme: Cycles
~ Water Cycle
~ Plant & Animal Reproductive System

Theme: Energy
~ Energy Forms and Uses

The topics are not listed in order as it differs from centre to centre, class to class depending on the schools the pupils are from.

There will be weekly dozens, concept focus, topic focus as well as practice papers given during the lessons to help the pupils deepen their understanding and knowledge for each topic as well as to prepare them for their exams

To book a class, please call 9616 0312.