P3 Science


For tuition programme booking, please call us at 9616 0312.

As enrollment has ended, please call the centre directly for mid-term booking.

You may refer to the current class schedule below.

Wednesday3pm - 4:30pmKing's ArcadeScience Specialist
Saturday1pm - 2.30pmKovanTeacher Janice
Friday3pm - 4:30pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin
Monday3pm - 4:30pmKovanTeacher HuiLin
Tuesday3pm - 4:30pmBedokTeacher Ko
Wednesday3.30pm - 5pmBedokTeacher Ko

P3 Science

Topics Include:

Theme: Diversity
~ Living & Non- Living Things
~ Materials

Theme: Interactions
~ Magnets

Theme: System
~ Human System
~ Digestive System
~ Plant System (Plant Parts & Their functions)

Topics listed are not in sequence.

Lessons include a lot of Fun and hands on activities and experiments to help pupils learn Science through play.

On top of that, pupils will be taught how to answer questions using BlueTree’s signature answering techniques to prepare them for the exams.

To book a class, please call 9616 0312.