P4 Science


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You may refer to the current class schedule below.

Wed, 19th Dec 183pm - 4:30pmKing's ArcadeScience Specialist
Sun, 30th Dec 181pm - 2.30pmKing's ArcadeScience Specialist
Tue, 18th Dec 185pm - 6.30pmBedokTeacher Ko
Wed, 19th Dec 185pm - 6.30pmBedokTeacher Ko
Sat, 29th Dec 1811.30am - 1pmBedokTeacher Ko
Sat, 29th Dec 1811.30am - 1pmKing's ArcadeScience Specialist
Tue, 18th Dec 183pm - 4:30pmKovanTeacher HuiLin
Wed, 19th Dec 183pm - 4:30pmKovanTeacher Fabian
Sat, 29th Dec 189.30am - 11amKovanTeacher Janice
Sun, 30th Dec 1811.45am - 1.15pmKovanTeacher Donovan
Thu, 20th Dec 182.30pm - 4pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin
Fri, 21st Dec 185pm - 6.30pmBalmoralTeacher HuiLin
Sat, 29th Dec 189.30am - 11amBalmoralTeacher HuiLin

P4 Science Topics (Lower Block) includes

1) Theme: Cycles
~Life Cycles (Animals & Plants)
~ Matter & Its Properties
~ 3 states of matter and their Properties

2) Energy
~ Light & Shadows
~ Heat

The lesson is a fun mix of hands-on experiments as well as teaching the pupils answering techniques to attempt open ended questions with confidence.

Revision notes will be provided to help them consolidate their learning for upcoming termly exams.

To book a class, please call 9616 0312.